Pastel Painting Classes

Pastel Painting Classes- Tuesdays 10 to 12 am or Thursdays 2 to 4pm.

Basic supplies will be provided.

Pastel painting is an introduction to color and expression. It is at first drawing and learning color relationships. Creating color relationships with a collection of predefined pastels. In pastel painting you will be choosing colors not mixing colors but color is inspiring and hunting through the pastels for the colors you want teaches color in a new and a personal way.  When you return to mixing colors your color knowledge will be expanded and refined. Email to register for the classes. Pastel Classes $45 each or by the month (4 classes) $170.

Payment options: check or PayPal.

Art Class Payment

Classes will include: All skills listed under drawing plus color!

Understanding the different materials.

Gesture drawing to begin the still-life.

Limited color volume studies.

Expanded color volume studies.

Negitive space vs positive space.

Gesture Drawing for the landscape.

Color transitions for deep space.

Plein Air studies – weather permitting.

Selecting your view in the landscape.

Bringing the outside inside to paint.

Nature studies – indoor and outdoor.

Advanced color



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