Oil Painting

Oil Painting Classes:  by Appointment. 

All Levels $45.00 per class.

Basic supplies will be provided. Please register for classes by email alexiapaints@gmail.com

Oil painting is the most durable of the painting mediums if handled correctly.

Bixley Bridge, Big Sur, Oil on Panel  24"x 24" by Alexia Scott

Bixley Bridge, Big Sur,
Oil on Panel 24″x 24″
by Alexia Scott

We will study the different methods and media relevant to oil painting.

Payment options: Check or PayPal 

Art Class Payment

Classes will include but not limited to:

Understanding the supplies and setting up your pallet.

Using a limited pallet.

Alla prima painting (direct painting)

Lighting, when not to paint in bright light.

Volume and mass studies with limited pallet.

Changing light – how it changes the color.

Sequence paintings – Light

Space, placement, mood.

Plein air Paintng – weather permiting.

Methods and media for 0il painting.

The use of an underpainting vs alla prima painting (wet-on-wet).

We will paint and learn!

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