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Alexia Scott’s Painting Studio offers paintings for your office or home and fine art instruction.

The Studio Gallery is open by appointment. At the gallery you can view paintings and artist made prints for purchase or discuss individual commissions for your space. Located at 106 Little Falls Street, Falls Church, VA 22046

Phone 703 380-5953 or email alexiapaints@gmail.com

Fine Art Classes in Drawing, Pastel Painting, Oil Painting.

I teach any of these studies on Tuesday from 10 to 12 and Thursday from 2 to 4.


Class Location: 106 Little Falls St. Falls Church, VA 22046

If you would like to be on the studio mailing list please email me at AlexiaPaints@gmail.com.

Painting Nature – Finding Tranquility.

The arts teach us to make good judgments about qualitative relationships. Unlike a curriculum in which correct answers and rules prevail, in the arts, it is judgment rather than rules that prevail.  Eisner, E (2002) The Arts and the Creation of the Mind.


White Mountain Rocks, Carmel, CA  30"x 30"  Pastel by Alexia Scott

White Mountain Rocks, Carmel, CA 30″x 30″
Pastel by Alexia Scott

Please visit alexiascottstudio.com to learn more about Alexia’s work.

Classes and instruction will be varied and with plenty of individual attention. Whenever possible, we will study nature together and express it in our own way on canvas and paper.

Studying art in a class environment allows for the greatest educational effort. We each learn from one another.  For questions or to register please email AlexiaPaints@gmail.com


All classes are taught by Alexia Scott, MFA

All Classes $45 each or 4 classes $170.

Payment options: check or PayPal.

Art Class Payment


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